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Aves del Sur – Cabernet Sauvignon

Code:  8408

Phonetic Pronunciation:  Ka – ber – nay   So – vin – yon   A-vez del sew-er

Region:  Loncomilla Valley

Country:  Chile

Grapes:  Cabernet Sauvignon

ABV:  12.5%

Oak:  No






Wine Description:  Delicate aromas of cherries, cassis and blueberries mixed with sweet notes of chocolate.  Juicy and soft tannins.

Food Match:  Roast beef, burgers, chargrilled red meats, hard cheese.

Winery Information:  The Del Pedregal family, brand owners of Aves del Sur have been making wine since 1825, when Carlos Alberto del Pedregal, hailing from Asturias in Spain, was attracted by the excellent viticultural conditions in the Loncomilla Valley. This eight-generation winery has adapted modern wine making techniques to the needs of the 21st century consumer. Aves del Sur translates to Birds of the South, with each wine label celebrating a different bird species.

Bottle Closure:  Screw Cap

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