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Volparessa Prosecco D.O.C (Extra Dry) Spumante

Code:  5140

Phonetic Pronunciation:  Vol – pa – ress – a   Pro – Se – Koh

Region:  Veneto

Country:  Italy

Grapes:  Glera

ABV:  11%

Oak:  No






Wine Description:  Aromatic and fruity. Sparkling wine notes of fresh apple, sweet pear and honey.

Food Match:  Light starters, seafood, Prosciutto

Winery Information:  The Anselmi Giuseppe Winery is located in North East Italy in Friuli.  Founded in 1920 by the Anselmi family who still passionately oversee all aspects of production.

The winery is named after one of Friuli’s water courses that flow through the Friuli Riviera area, a land of D.O.C wines.  The mineral rich waters from the river irrigate the vineyards making the wines more complex and aromatic.

The warm salty breezes from the nearby Adriatic sea also help the grapes in this ideal micro climate.

Bottle Closure:  Cork

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