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Sancerre – Domaine de la Rossignole

Code:  0640

Phonetic Pronunciation:  S – on – sair   Dough – Main    Ross – ee – nyol

Region:  Loire

Country:  France

Grapes:  Sauvignon Blanc

ABV:  13.5%

Oak:  No






Wine Description:  Delightfully crisp and elegant with hints of gooseberry with a mineral back bone.

Food Match:  White light fish and shellfish.

Winery Information:  The Cherrier family have been passionately tending vines in Sancerre since 1848. The Domaine was named after one of the first vineyards acquired by the family, which is now headed by brothers Pierre Francois and Jean Marie. With only 20 hectares of vines, some being up to 70 years old, this is a true artisan producer who has learnt to work hand in hand with nature to produce wines of purity and distinction.

Bottle Closure:  Cork

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